8 Inexpensive Add-Ons to Level Up Your MacBook Experience

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8 Inexpensive Add-Ons to Level Up Your MacBook Experience

Having a laptop is not enough to complete your everyday work tasks efficiently. If you are a MacBooks user, you must have by now understood the fact that adding accessories will boost your performance.

Pair your computer with the right peripherals, and it will charge faster, stay functional on the go, hold more battery, and give you the performance you want from the device. So, let’s have a look at some of the most useful add-ons that are meant just to simplify your work.

Hardshell Case

MacBooks come at an exorbitant price; it is important to protect them from bumps and scratches. Not only MacBooks, every single laptop out there deserves protection against damages as they degrade the beauty of the device.

You can easily find a laptop cover that is hard from the outside but supple from the inside to give your laptop an additional cushioned layer of security. They are available for 13-inches and 15-inches MacBooks in different colors and styles.

External Keyboard

Adding an external keyboard to the accessories kit will offer you numerous benefits. Not only do you reduce the stress of the MacBook, ensuring prolonged life for the internal keyboard, but you also make your typing job easier as well. A BlueTooth keyboard will enable you to operate your laptop from a little distance, and you don’t have to stick with the chair. Learning shortcut keys is another way to amplify your keyboard skills for more comfort and ease.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Another wireless device that improves the life of the touchpad you have on your laptop is the mouse. When you are planning to purchase an ergonomics mouse, get one that’s easy on fingers and improves productivity. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors; pick one that best suits your work needs.

If you are an avid gamer, a BlueTooth mouse is a must-have accessory. For those working in professional domains such as creative design and coding, an external mouse is all you need to amplify your productivity when your work involves intense clicking and scrolling.

Desk Pouch

Pouches are forever. Remember the good old schooling days when you used to keep all your stationery stuff in one place - inside the amazing pouch or pencil pouch. Now when you are a hard-core professional, a desk pouch is as essential as it used to be then.

It helps you keep all your stationery supplies and other accessories such as USBs together in an organized manner. No need to put everything inside the desk drawer where all the stuff just gets messy and hard to find; instead, keep it in the pouch.

Docking Station

When you need to transform your laptop into a workstation, a docking station is something you should opt for. Most models out there come with a USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, and other important ports that even allow connecting external monitors to M1 MacBooks.

When your work involves multitasking, and you need to use different devices such as a printer or a large screen on your desk, a docking station helps you connect everything to the laptop. It allows for a smooth and productive workflow.

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

These compact drives are reasonably priced and add portability to your data. They are of great use when you have to carry your data along while on the go. USB flash drives are available in different storage capacities starting from 2 GB to as huge as 64 GB or higher.

They are convenient, relatively inexpensive, and highly portable such that you can carry them in your pocket or wallet. When you need to transfer data from one computer to another, nothing comes as handy as a flash drive.

Ultra-Compact HDDs

Most users deal with low storage issues, particularly when you have a MacBook or starting range computers from other brands. In that case, the hard drive gives you an affordable way to store volumes of data securely.

Moreover, external HDDs add mobility to data; that’s another advantage. Get a compact passport size external storage device that is easy to carry and available at a reasonable price. You can even store as huge as 2 TB of data on an external drive and use it as backup media.

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