Windows 10 Update Assistant | What is It | Where Download

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We, users of the Windows operating system, have repeatedly encountered errors in the functionality of the update.

The variety of such errors is constantly alarming, and in each update procedure, we Willy-nilly prepare for the occurrence of freezes and errors.

For example, this is a situation where the computer just hangs with a notification about the inability to install/configure Windows updates, as we wrote in detail in this article.

What are the reasons for such instability of one of the most important components of the operating system Windows 10? Let's be Frank, not always as the sole culprit are developers from Microsoft.

Often, the main cause of freezes and errors is the unavailability of the operating system and the computer as a whole to install updates, and this article will tell you what tools exist to assess the readiness to update the software of your computer.

"Update Assistant" - What is It and How to Download It

So, as can be seen from the title of the article, the software in question is called "Windows 10 Update Assistant", and as it is not difficult to guess, its main task is to assist the user in the process of downloading and installing update files.

Download "Update Assistant" from the official website of Microsoft, following this link.

Do not look for the utility on third-party resources, as there is a risk of getting a "dummy" or infect your computer with viral software.

The downloaded file weighs only 6 MB, and the utility itself does not require installation.

How to Use Assistant

If after running the executable file, a notification like "Thank You for upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10" appears, it directly indicates that the most current mass version of the operating system is installed on the computer and an update is not required.  

Windows 10 Update Assistant - notified that not needed update

But it should be understood that "Windows 10 Update Assistant" is a utility designed to help install a new version of the operating system, and its powers do not apply to the download and installation of "point updates". 

About Windows 10 version. Update Assistant -update Operating System

For example, updating software drivers, updating various tools such as ".NET Framework", etc.       

If you need to install such files, you can check in "Settings" - "Update & Security" - "Windows Update". 

In Update & Security - select update and download button

For those who have not previously made the transition to a new version of Windows 10, the assistant will display the following information: 

Windows 10 Update Assistant - confirm Update and click Update Now Button

To initiate the download and installation of the update file, you will only need to click on the "Update Now" button.


As a summing up to the topic under consideration, it is worth noting that before installing updates is the most possible way to make sure that the computer and the INTERNET are ready for installation.

This preparation includes: the availability of free space on the system partition of the disk, an active Internet connection, the presence of a sufficient level of charge of the laptop battery (if it does not work from the mains), etc.

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