Windows 10 Game Mode | What is It | How To Enable Game Mode

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Not every user has a "gaming PC for study", so for a huge number of personal computer owners, the issue of optimizing their work and increasing their productivity is always relevant.

Even the minimum increase in FPS in the game is still an increase, but small, but it is there.

In the Windows 10 operating system, there is a built-in "Game Mode" functionality, which is designed to improve the existing performance of the computer, due to built-in algorithms that distribute PC resources in such a way that the software gets the highest priority.

This article will focus on this mode. How do I enable it and how is it useful? You will find answers to these and other questions in the material below.

How To Enable Game Mode

To enable "Game Mode", you only need to do a few basic actions:

  • Click start and open "Settings";
  • Next, select "Gaming" from the sections in the window that opens;

How To Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

  • Go to the "Game Mode" tab and activate it with the "on" button. 

In Window settings Go to Game Mode and activate Game Mode

Now, to open the game mode window, just click on the keyboard shortcuts "WIN+G".

In order to change the "Hot keys" used in "Game Mode", you must open the parameters again and select the "Game Bar" section.

Here you can change the keyboard shortcut, taking into account the possible conflict, if any software already uses the selected combination. 

You can set Keyboard shortcuts in Game bar

All that remains is to launch the desired game, press the selected keyboard shortcut, and open the settings using the gear icon.

How To Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

A new window opens on the "General" tab. to use the built-in mode, check the box "Remember this as a game" or "Use game mode for this game", depending on the version of Windows. In addition, the functionality is able to independently recognize the launch of the game and apply the appropriate actions.

What does "Game mode" give you?

The functionality of the software in question is not limited to improving performance, namely: 

What does Game mode give

  • Creation of screenshots;
  • Record gameplay;
  • Voice recording;
  • Launch a live broadcast;
  • Sync with "Xbox" services, such as " Xbox social»;
  • Resource monitoring.

It is impossible to give a clear answer about the usefulness or uselessness of "Game Mode". Like all software designed to optimize the operation of the operating system and the computer as a whole, the application of this mode is always accompanied by individual criteria and characteristics of the device.

For example, if we talk about computers equipped with modern (powerful) components, the use of "Game Mode" to increase FPS has no logical justification, except for the use of other functions described above.

Such an opinion can be broadcast to computers that do not boast good technical equipment.

If, summarizing the above, we can highlight the following:

  • Everyone should check the quality of "Game Mode" on their own, without taking into account the opinions of other users;
  • On a computer with modest technical characteristics, you should run the game mode with a minimum set of third-party game software. For example, if you use third-party software to record the screen, "Game Mode" may reduce the performance and quality of the recording on the contrary.
  • Before starting the game and this mode, you should get rid of programs running in the background as much as possible, if their activity is not required within the game process.

So, in General, "Game Mode" is a useful tool that in the right hands can be a great helper for comfortable gaming.

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