Where is System Restore in Windows 10 | How to create and how to configure Restore Point

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Working with the Windows operating system, you can never be sure that the normal functioning of the software will not be interrupted by the occurrence of any error or failure.

The imperfection of the operating system is exacerbated by the not always correct operation of the user/operator of the computer, which interfere with the system processes, not caring about the consequences.

That is why it is so important to restore Windows functionality, which allows you to restore the operating system, rolling back its configuration to the date before the occurrence of problems.

As part of this material, you will find small, but detailed instructions on how to find the recovery functionality in Windows 10 and use it for your needs.

How to create a Restore Point

What is the key to successful work with the restoration of the system? As with most other issues, the key is control and an integrated approach to solving the problem.

The considered functionality is arranged in such a way that recovery points are created by Windows itself, when any process makes significant changes to the system components of the operating system. For example, it is the installation or removal of any software that inevitably leads to changes in the registry entries.

But do not rely entirely on automatic points, because not always their creation is initiated at the right time for the user.

Therefore, as a tip, we note that it should be a rule to periodically manually create the desired marks, which more guarantees a return to the desired date, when using them.

Creating restore points does not take much time, as all that is required is:

  • Open the "Control Panel", set the display mode "Small icons" and open the "Recovery" section; 

In all Control Panel Items open Recovery section

  • In the next window, select "Configure system restore"; 

In Recovery window click on Configure System Restore

  • In the "Protection Settings" section, click the mouse to select the system partition;
  • Click on the "Create" button below; 

In the Protection Settings section click on drive and click on Create button

  • Enter the name of the point to be created and click "Create"; 

Create a restore point: Type a description restore point

  • Wait for the process to complete and close the system Properties window.

At this point, the creation process can be considered complete.

How to set up System Restore

If you want to make changes to the quota allocated free space on the selected disk partition, which will be used to ensure the preservation of Windows configuration settings, in the same window "system Properties" do the following:

  • Click on the "Configure" button located below the block where you select the desired disk partition; 

How to set up System Restore in Windows 10

  • In the "Disk Space Usage" block, move the slider, which will determine the amount of allocated space on the marked disk partition. 

In the Disk Space Usage block, move the slider to change Max Usage

There you can also pay attention to how much is already used by the update functionality.

As you create points, the oldest ones will be deleted automatically, in addition, you can always delete them manually, using the "Delete" button.


In order to use the considered functionality, it is enough to click on the "Open system restore" button, select the desired date and systematically follow the instructions of the "Wizard". 

For restore from System Restore - open System Restore and select date

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