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Despite the fact that many users of computers running the Windows operating system are already well aware of the functionality for creating screenshots, this article will be extremely useful to everyone, as it also offers other little-known options with a more interesting functional set and quality of the final result.

We will consider the most proven options, familiarization with which will be extremely useful for both experienced users and beginners, and especially beginners.

What is a Screenshot

It’s worth starting with the basics, namely with what this screenshot actually represents. So, a screenshot is an image that is an exact copy of what is presented to the user on the screen at the moment of pressing the corresponding keys or at the time of access to specialized software.

This action was especially popular among computer users, and only with the advent of smartphones with a "big screen" the creation of screenshots became relevant for owners of electronic gadgets.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of such a picture. You must agree to shoot a smartphone or a digital camera on a camera in a mediocre quality, and then somehow transfer all this to a computer or send it by e-mail or on social networks, all this can not be called a convenient and quick event.

But sometimes the details of the image, and not its actual content, are very important. Surely, someone who at least once asked for help on forums encountering problems on a computer knows how important it is sometimes to present only one single screenshot than to try to explain the essence of the problem in words.

So, it's time to move on to the essence of this topic.

How Take a Screenshot

In fact, creating a screenshot is an elementary action, and if you wish, you can write a mini-program (script) that will take a screen at the time you need or at the frequency you need, and for this you do not need to have any super-complicated programming skills. But the logical question is: “Why create difficulties for yourself if everything is already perfectly implemented?”.

The analysis of options should begin with the standard functionality of the Windows 10 operating system, since with the latest updates, Microsoft has finally significantly expanded the built-in functionality for creating screenshots.

Currently, there are as many as 5 ways to save a screenshot without involving third-party programs, namely:

  1. By the well-known method, it also works on WindowsXP/7/8 by pressing the “PrintScreen” key, which is located next to the “F1-F12” key block.

    How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 - printscreen button keyboard

    After pressing this key, an image will be saved to the clipboard, which captures the entire visible area of ​​the screen with all the tabs, windows, games, programs, etc. open at the time of pressing.

    In order to extract a snapshot from the clipboard, simply click on the “ctrl + v” key combination by opening the “Paint” editor (which is the most common option), or any document, or some network resource that can receive data from the clipboard sharing.

    It is worth adding that if you press the key combination "Alt + PrintScreen", then only the image of the active window will be placed on the clipboard.

  2. Despite the fact that the tool called “Scissors” has been in the structure of the operating system for a long time, for some reason it is not popular among users, and from the functional side it is no less useful than many third-party utilities.

    To use it, it is enough to do the following:

    • Press the key combination “WIN + S” and in the search line enter the word snipping;
    • Click the mouse or press the Enter button to open the result;

      Alt+printscreen button keyboard active window only

    • A small window opens with several tools to choose from:
      • New - button initiates the saving of the image, it’s enough just to select the desired area of the screen with the mouse cursor to capture the image and open the editor window, where you can immediately carry out all the necessary manipulations with the image (add or remove elements, crop, change the image format and save location and etc.);

        Alt+printscreen button keyboard active window only

        Snipping tool features

      • Mode - button allows you to select one of several screen capture options;

        Mode button allows you to select one of several screen capture options

      • Delay - button allows you to set a timer if you need to carry out any manipulations and capture them in a certain period of time.

        Delay - button allows you to set a timer screenshot

    • After going to the editor, all that remains is to save the resulting image.

    Everything is also simple and fast, and most importantly quite functional.

  3. For those who have installed the operating system Windows 10 version not lower than 1703, the key combination “WIN + SHIFT + S” is available.

    This combination activates the darkening of the screen area and the appearance of a crosshair instead of the cursor, with which you only need to select the desired area of the screen and the picture will also be placed on the clipboard.

    Screenshot with (WIN + SHIFT + S) combination

    Select area before Screenshot

  4. For users of Windows 10 version 1809, a combination is also available, only with a slightly expanded functional set. Now after pressing “WIN + SHIFT + S” and selecting a screen area, the image editor has become available, which allows you to carry out all the necessary preparation of the received image.

    The appearance has also undergone some changes, and now, after activating the tool, a suggestion will appear to select the desired area of the screen (draw a figure).

    Draw the Figure or add Text on Screenshot

    After determining the boundaries of the screenshot, the image will be placed on the clipboard, and clicking on the notification, the “Sketch on a screen fragment” editor will open in front of the user.

    Separately, it is worth noting the presence of the function “Handwritten text” and a timer that allows you to delay the creation of a screenshot.

    Draw the Figure or add Text on Screenshot

  5. For those who have the Xbox software installed and whose computer video card supports the functionality they use, the Game Panel is available with which you can not only create a screenshot, but also record a screen. To switch to this mode, simply press the “WIN + G” keys and click on the button with the camera icon on the panel that opens.

    Game Panel functionality for create Screenshot

    Or just click on the key combination “Win + Alt + PrintScreen”.

    Win + Alt + PrintScreen - wllow start Game Panel screenshot

    It is worth noting that, by default, screenshots taken in this way are saved in "C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\Videos\Captures"

Additional Software

If for some reason all the above functionality does not suit you, then you can turn to the development of third-party companies, of which there are hundreds on the Internet and in free access.

The key question: “What software to choose from so many offers?”. It is up to everyone to decide for themselves, but it is worth noting that they offer about the same functionality.

For example, “Greenshot”, “Screen Capture”, “Snagit”, “FastStone Capture”, “Movavi Screen Capture” became especially popular among users.

If we talk about the individual preferences of each, the author of this article prefers the old, good and time-tested "LightShot", which is available for free download on the official website of developers - https://app.prntscr.com/.

Take advantage of the features of this program is not difficult, all that is required is:

  • Press the “Print Screen” button since the running program replaces the standard functionality;
  • After pressing the screen will be darkened, respectively, you need to select the desired area of the screen with the mouse cursor;
  • A control panel will appear that allows you to conduct surface work with the resulting image:
    • "Pencil" - drawing directly on the screen shot;

      Use Pencil for Drawing on the Screenshot

    • “Line” - accordingly, allows you to draw straight lines;

      Line allows you to draw straight lines

    • “Arrow” - adds arrows to the image;

      You can adds arrows to the imag

    • "Rectangle" - to highlight the active area of attention;

      You can add Rectangle to highlight the active area of attention

    • "Marker" - for free drawing;

      You can use Marker for free drawing

    • «Text» - to add text to the screenshot;

      You can use Text to add text to the screenshot

    • Color;

      You can use different colors

    • "Cancel" - to cancel the changes.

      You can use cancell button to cancel the changes

  • The buttons on the bottom panel are available (from left to right):
    • Download to the cloud server of the developer;
    • Share on social networks;
    • Search Google Image;
    • Send a photo to print;
    • Put a picture on the clipboard;
    • Save Image.

Everything is at hand, you can create, edit and transfer a screenshot in one window in just a few moments.


As can be seen from the foregoing, to create a screenshot and edit it is a simple matter and in most cases does not require the involvement of third-party products.

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