How to check Computer Performance Windows 10

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The first wave of users switching from the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 caused massive requests and user dissatisfaction with the fact that Windows 10 removed quick access to view the performance index.

In previous versions of Windows, it was possible to find out estimated information about how fast the operating system will work on the existing computer configuration in the “System Properties”, where the rating / score from 0 to 9.9 was displayed.

Of course, not always high indicators guaranteed an appropriate result, but a similar element of visibility inspired a certain confidence in novice users.

And in this article we will look at how you can check the performance of a computer with Windows 10.

How to check Computer Performance Windows 10: basic ways

Immediately it is worth noting that there are a lot of options for viewing the estimated score:

  • use of the command line;
  • the use of third-party software capabilities;
  • as well as standard / standard features of the operating system itself.

How to see the performance index - option 1

This option involves using the command line to force the start of the system performance evaluation procedure.

To implement it, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Click on the search button on the left side of the quick access toolbar;
  • Enter “cmd.exe” in the search bar and right-click on the result;
  • In the menu that opens, select "Run as administrator" and confirm the action by clicking on the "Yes" button;
  • In the command line console, enter and run the command “winsat formal -restart clean” to activate the process of analyzing the operation of computer components.

    Input command: winsat format -restart clean

Scanning can last several minutes, during which statuses and evaluation criteria will appear, which for the average user will not say anything specific.

Therefore, to view the results, you will have to spend some more time:

  • Open the file “Formal.Assessment (Recent) .WinSAT.xml” located in “C: \ Windows \ Performance \ WinSAT \ DataStore”, the file name will start from the date and time of the scan.

    Location file with Perfomance result

  • To open this file, additional software is not required - the contents of the file will open in a browser such as “Internet Explorer”, "Opera", "Chrome".
  • Find the “WinSPR” section or use the quick search functionality by pressing the key combination “CTRL + F”.
  • In this section, pay attention to the following lines.

    Pay attention to the Following lines: how to check Perfomance

  • “SystemScore” is a performance index determined by a minimum value;
  • “MemoryScore” is an estimated result of testing the RAM;
  • "CpuScore" - similar conclusions for the processor;
  • "GraphicsScore" - the work of the graphical interface;
  • "GamingScore" - an assessment of performance in games;
  • “DiskScore” - hard disk performance rating.

As you can see, the results presented are quite multifaceted and offer a lot of detailed evaluation information, which allows you to get acquainted with all the nuances of the operation of a particular component of the computer and the system as a whole.

As an alternative means of viewing the results, you can use "Power Shell" tools: all you need to do is run the console (similar to the command line) and enter "Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSAT" command.

In response to the command, a table appears with the same information that was specified in the "WinSPR" block in the file "Formal.Assessment (Recent) .WinSAT.xml".

Input command to Power Shell  to Check Computer Perfomance

How to check Computer Performance - Option 2

The second option is an analogue of what was available to users of the Windows 7 operating system.

To view the estimated data, press the key combination “WIN + R” and execute the command “shell: games”.

Input command: shell:games in the run - Check PC Perfomance

In the "Games" window that will open, on the right side in the "View Computer Performance Details" block, and the "System Score. Note that this method is relevant only for versions Windows below 1709.

How to check Computer Performance - Option 3

In addition to the capabilities of the operating system itself, you can use third-party specialized software to view the information of interest. In the framework of this article we will consider the program - “Winaero WEI tool”.

It is worth noting that this software is free and does not take up much space: the only thing you need to do is download, install and run "Winaero WEI tool".

After starting the program, a truncated version of the verification logs from the file “Formal.Assessment (Recent) .WinSAT.xml” will open before you, since this software simply automates the actions described in the first version.


Thus, viewing the performance index in Windows 10 is still simple and does not require special knowledge in working with operating system tools (in particular, the third solution to this problem).

However, the performance index itself is a rather arbitrary indicator, and relying on the final results would be a mistake, since in general testing is carried out on one component of the computer - a hard disk, and if, for example, you have a laptop with a slow drive, then other top-end components will not have a significant impact on the final grade.

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