File System Errors in Windows 10: (2147219196), (1073741819), (1073741189)

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The Windows 10 operating system is certainly a more stable version of the software, which demonstrates better optimization for both weak computers and computers that are very powerful in terms of the quality of available hardware.

Those who have long been actively using the latest version of the operating system are familiar with a huge number of errors that occurred extremely rarely in previous versions or did not occur at all.

Errors from this category will be discussed in the framework of this article.

Types of File System Errors

There are a huge number of variations of the problem under consideration, which will be extremely difficult to cover in one article.

Someone these errors occur at the time of opening a file, someone at the time of launching the software, and someone at the time of interaction with the system components of Windows.

The error looks like this: 

File System Error: 1073741521

In appearance, everything is quite simple, the system indicates the problem file and reports that there are problems in the file system + a certain code is indicated, which, in the normal state of Affairs, should indicate the presence of a cause-and-effect relationship.

As practice has shown, the most common users are faced with the following codes:

  • "2147219196"/ "2147219194" - can be associated with the functioning of UWP applications (Universal Windows Platform/ Universal Windows platform)
  • "1073741819"/ "1073741189" - related to user account control (UAC);
  • "2147219200"/ "805305975"/ "2147219195"/ "2018374645"/ "1073741521" - the error occurs due to possible corruption of system files, as well as incorrect installation of update files or lack thereof;
  • "1073741824" 1073741515 " - the essence of the error lies in the incorrect operation of third-party software
  • "2018375670" - is directly related to the correct operation of the hard disk or solid-state drive.

Despite the fact that these errors have different origins, the options provided for their correction suggest a standard set of possible solutions, which will be discussed later.

Bug Fixes

It is worth noting that all the actions described below form the basis of preventive procedures, the application of which can help both solve most of the errors in Windows, and prevent their actual occurrence.

As for the above codes, the above actions do a good job of solving errors - "2147219200"/ "805305975"/ "2147219195"/ "2018374645"/ "1073741521", "2018375670".

Check Integrity of System Components in Safe Mode

To implement this procedure, you will need to do only the following:

  • Click on the keyboard shortcut "WIN+R" and run "msconfig" to open the section "System Configuration"; 

Open System Configuration with: msconfig command

  • Open the "Boot" tab and check the box in the "Safe mode" line, click on the "OK" button and wait for the reboot; 

Select Boot tab and check box - Safe mode and click ok button

  • Also in this article you will find instructions on how to add "Safe mode" to the boot menu – 3 Easy Ways How Start Windows 10 Safe Mode ;
  • After turning on the computer and booting in safe mode, click on "WIN+S" and type in the search box "cmd.exe" (Command Prompt) and select "Run as administrator"; 

Command Prompt: Run as administrator

  • Enter the command "sfc/scannow" in the opened command line console and execute it; 

Using sfc/scannow command to check system files

  • Wait for the scan results and follow the further instructions of the utility.

Check Hard Disk for Errors and Bad Sectors:

  • Without leaving safe mode and without closing the command line console, run the command "CHKDSK C: /F /R"; 

Check Hard Disk for Errors and Bad Sectors

  • The test may take a long time to complete and the diagnostic process should not be interrupted.

If you encounter an error triggering the scan, agree to restart the computer.

It should be reiterated that these actions are aimed at the General correction of the situation, which may not always lead to the final solution of the problems in the computer.

Therefore, further it is required to familiarize with more point variants.

Error: "2147219196"

Is mostly manifested when the user tries to open the image using the standard tools of the operating system, or when running software that was purchased from the "Windows Store".

It is necessary to explain that the folder "WindowsApps", which is located on the system partition of the hard disk, is responsible for the safety of data for the SOFTWARE from the Microsoft store.

And precisely in it and lies the entire key this mistakes. The reason for its occurrence is that the user is trying to access a folder, access to which is simply closed to him.

And in order to correct this "injustice" will need to do the following:

  • Using "Explorer" open the system partition of the disk and navigate to the folder "Program Files";
  • Scroll down the list of folders to the "WindowsApps" line and call its properties; 

    Click right button mouse of WindowsApps directory and select Properties

  • Go to the "Security" tab and click on the "Advanced" button; 

    Go to Security tab and click Advanced button

  • In the window that opens, click on the "Change" button in the "Owner" line; 

Need change Owner for this Directory

  • In the block "Enter the object name to select" and enter the current user name, then click on the "Check Names";
  • If everything is entered correctly, then click "OK"; 

    Enter the name of User and click Check Names button

  • Check the box in the line "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and click "OK"; 

    Check box: Replace owner on subcontainers and objects

  • Check the availability of the "WindowsApps" folder and try to open the desired file again.

Errors: "1073741819" and "1073741189"

 for example, may occur when you try to paste a copied password from the clipboard.

In this regard, there is an instruction directly from Microsoft, which strongly advise you to install the update "KB4093105". 

File System Errors in Windows 10: 1073741819 and 1073741189


In conclusion, we should touch on the additional options that some users have highlighted as working.

The first is to create a new account and grant it administrative rights.

This is, indeed, a logical solution, since it has already been noted that some errors can occur due to lack of necessary access.

How to create a new user has been discussed in detail in this article.

The second is an option that prompts users to end the active user session, restart the computer, and re-sign in.

With this method, you can also try to create a new user at the end of the session.

The third is the use of regular fault diagnosis tools, for this:

  • Click start and open Options»;
  • Go to Update and security and open Troubleshooting»;
  • Find the row "Windows Store Apps" and click "Run the Troubleshooter".

Next, follow the instructions of the utility, for example, perform a reset of applications.

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